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Thank you for your Support!

Thank you all for being part of our wellness community. I appreciate all your support as I took some months off to rest, reflect, spend time in my garden, raising turkeys, chickens, gardening, and appreciating what God has poured into my life. My son is now 10 going on 25! He has matured so much and loves farm life. Leaving the city for the summer and giving him freedom to run and play and work alongside me has brought us closer together. I am now homeschooling him and 5 other children both in Vegas and Utah. Occasionally, I get to put my hands on someone to massage them and really enjoy that sacred space. My husband and I just celebrated 24 years married! He is my greatest gift this side of Heaven and not a day goes by where I don't appreciate all He does for our family. I look forward to bringing more content for you and your families in the months ahead! Here's to Empowering You and those You Love!

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