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Now that you've received your samples, you may be wondering "How should I be using this oil?"

Open Your Package

You likely received an oil for a specific health concern you have. View the oils below to learn more about how to use them. If you don't see your sample listed, contact the person who sent it for instructions. Oh, And don't skip the important stuff near the end. 

1. Apply directly to the area of concern or on the bottom of the feet. Avoid direct contact with eyes and                     sensitive regions of the body.  (If you have sensitive skin, always use the essential oil with a carrier oil like fractionated                  coconut oil or jojoba oil before applying to skin. If uncertain, use the bottom of the feet)

2. For mood, place a drop in the palm of your hands, rub hands together, cup your hands over your nose &                 breathe in deeply 3-5 times. Great way to address the lungs and sinuses too.

3. If recommended, place a drop under your tongue or in a glass of water or juice and drink 2-3 times per day. 

4. Place a few drops in a diffuser or spray bottle to mist the air. Improves air quality, mood & the body as well.

5. Place a drop in your toilet, disposer, trash can or on a kleenex in your car to reduce odors & lift your mood.

How to Use Your Sample



Apply to topically to burns, rashes and bruises. Take internally for seasonal discomfort and relaxation.

Diffuse at night for improved sleep. Apply a tiny drop to dogs pad to calm them down.



When in doubt, use this oil for everything! Take internally to calm the mind, protect the brain, relax the body & support healthy tissues. Apply to enhance face and skin, to scars and stretch marks



Take internally for daily antioxidant support and to improve immune response. As metabolic support, use Turmeric oil when trying to get back on track. Use topically in an all-over face mask to help reduce the appearance of blemishes or for a healthy-looking overall glow.



Add a drop to your water to cleanse your body (use glass or stainless only), Apply to strengthen nails, brighten age spots and to remove adhesives. Diffuse to uplift your mood!



Powerful antioxidant that calms and supports the cardiovascular, digestive, nervous & immune systems when ingested. Drop under the tongue, in water or in a capsule.(It comes in softgels for your convenience). Great for the skin & to diffuse as well. Use it to boost the benefits of other oils.


Wild Orange

Rub in your hands & breathe it in to lift your mood & instill joy!

Take internally and diffuse to cleanse the body & the air. 

Please avoid sun if applied to skin!



Use topically on back of neck to cool the body & to relax spastic muscles. Take internally to aid digestion and apply a drop in the roof of the mouth to clear sinuses and to energize the mind.


Tea Tree

This oil is great for the skin and scalp. Use topically to any area that needs support from irritation or blemish. Spray surfaces to clean and disinfect or diffuse to purify the air. Awesome for gym feet & yoga mats!


Clary Calm

Roll on your wrists or abdomen as a natural way to balance & regain your sanity during monthly ups and downs! Great for all ages. Apply to back of neck if feeling flush or warm. It's the best blend for your worst week. PERIOD.



Add to your diffuser or apply topically to the feet, wrists, chest or behind the ears to cope with daily stressors. It balances the nervous systems and evokes peace and calm helping you to adapt to life!


Deep Blue

Use topically before or after a workout to relieve sore muscles and joints. Great for back and head tension and injuries. Avoid using before a steam or shower. 

Not for internal use or pets.



Helps to ground the body and balance emotions. Apply to the spine, feet, wrists or behind the ears. Diffuse anytime you need to calm. Apply or diffuse for kids at night if sleep is scary.



For all things digestion, take internally under your tongue, in a glass of water or in an empty gel capsule to relieve occasional upset. Also use topically on the belly.



Use topically to chest & sinuses to open airways and enhance breathing. Diffuse during times of respiratory stress. Great for all ages. It comes in a vapor stick & in throat drops for seasonal discomfort.



Rub in your hands & breathe it in to relax the body or prepare for sleep. You can apply to the feet or spine or diffuse as well.

Use with the serenity softgels for a good nights sleep.

Safety & Precautions

  • Avoid placing oils in eyes. ears or mucous membranes.    

  • Use fractionated coconut oil for skin sensitivity or if eye irritation occurs. Never wash with water!

  • Never apply citrus oils to skin before going into the sun!       You will burn.

  • Less is more. Use small amounts more frequently if needed.

  • Dilute oils for safety & to improve absorption. 

  • Always dilute with pets & children.

  • Never add hot oils to the bath! Use soothing oils like lavender.

  • If you have a sensitive stomach, add fractionated coconut oil to your veggie cap before ingesting.

  • Use glass or stainless water bottles when using oils internally. Never use plastic!

What's Next!

  • Use your samples. They only work if you do! When you run out and need more...and, you'll definitely need more!

  • Get a wholesale account to Save 25% off your oils. (Talk to whoever sent your samples for a link and product recommendations)

  • Download the EOE Books App on your phone to reference specific health concerns & what oils to use. (Mac Users) (Android Users)

  • Join the Empowered Health Facebook Group  for videos, education and community support. We know they are weird at first, so we'll help you understand them and why they work so well!

  • Set up a monthly Loyalty Rewards order to earn Shipping Rewards, Free Oils & Product Credits to use anytime. Who doesn't want Free Health Care! It adds up fast!

  • Learn How to Set Up Your LRP Order Here! And...

  • Never live a dull life again!! Essential Oils elevate your mood, add spice to your life, enhance your body's ability to restore itself & keep the bad stuff at bay! Plus they make your house smell amazing! (And if you have pets, boys or teenagers, you'll never want to be without them!).

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