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"I empower women to create freedom in their lives so they can feel better, live better & love their life!

Create Freedom

              in Your Finances

Whether full-time, part-time or some-time, you will find success in DoTerra. Creating your own business is your path to freedom! What DoTerra offers is unparalleled in the marketplace, but what you bring is your unique gifts and talents that speak to people who are waiting for You!

I’ve made it to the top of every company I’ve ever worked for and every school I have ever attended. What’s missing is You! I’d like to connect with you, train you and lead you to reach Your Top Self!


Create Freedom

              in Your Health

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  • Contact Me for a Free Health Consultation. We will decide together what’s best for you and how you’ll use them to solve 90% of your health needs!

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What Leaders

     Have to Say About Me!

Brianne Hovey.jpg

Brianne Hovey

I am deeply grateful to know and love Durell! We have worked together for close to a decade and she never fails to inspire me. Her ability to connect with individuals and make them feel loved and safe in this world is profound. She is passionate, intuitive, creative and determined. She lives in alignment with her soul's calling and starts a fire in the hearts of others by showing them they are worthy and capable of all their dreams. If you want to widen your joy and elevate your life, work with this woman! Your life will never be the same!


Jennifer Moore

Durell's unwavering strength and support have truly blessed my life in ways I never dreamed of. She leads by example and shows us how to do the same. She always shows up and always gives us the support we need to succeed. This business has allowed me to gradually cut back my day job and focus more on doTERRA and the freedoms that come with it! To get the  knowledge you need to grow physically, personally and financially is priceless. I am forever grateful!

_I2A6803 (1) (1).JPG

Kara Austria Faith

I have worked with Durell as one of her leaders for several years. I love being part of her team because I'm constantly empowered to rise to my greatest potential. Building a DoTerra business has meant that my family can create the life we want. We now homeschool my 2 kids, I work from home and I get to lead other women to their greatest potential too. Building this business means I get to change the world for the better for all the people I meet around the world.


Laura Stendel

Durell is a constant buzz of energy and enthusiasm. She never fails to show up and motivate me when I’m finding myself in a business rut, even if I didn’t ask for help...she just has that intuition. She is extremely giving and that’s one of the ways she has helped me succeed. She doesn’t quit me and I don’t quit her. We are a team, only separated by miles, not heart. She’s like a big sister in many ways and I’m always up for any challenge she throws my way because like a little sister, I enjoy making her proud. 

Screen Shot 2021-01-23 at 11.09.20

Carla Unger

I have had the pleasure of working with Durell for 3 years now and I have loved every minute! I have learned so much about myself as an individual, a business partner and, with her guidance, have lead my team to success!

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