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A Scarecrow Experience

Recently, our town was offering a scarecrow contest for a chance to win $100. Evan immediately jumped on it. He wanted to make the coolest scarecrow and made plans for that money. He was focused and intent on getting it done and submitted on time. I watched him gather the materials. I hooked him up with a stick, a hot glue gun, some paint and an old hat I had. Within a couple hours, he had his entry. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the whole experience. It took me back, like way back. It made me feel joy up and down my body; watching him brought tears to my eyes. It felt wonderful to slow down and pause. To see his creation come to life. Fall has always been my favorite season. The smells, the colors, the cooler temperatures after long hot summers, the time with family and friends. Most of all, I like slowing down to be grateful for all I have been given! This day was a gift. One I will never forget. 'Devan' will be with us for years to come too! He stands proudly in our front yard! We are waiting to see if he won! Wish him luck!

festivities and fun!!

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