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What's in Your Travel Bag!

I'm an avid globetrotter! And while I still pack more than I need most trips, there are a few things I never leave home without! Keeping my mind clear, energy up and immune system supported are vital to having great travel experiences.

OnGuard Hand Sanitizer - To spray my hands, cell phone, silverware, tray table and the air around me on the plane.

Correct X - For cuts, dry cuticles, cracked lips, cold sores, and dry heals. Rub it in your nose to prevent dry, painful sinuses.

Adaptiv Rollerball - This essential oil blend helps me with anxiousness, irritation and other emotional ups and downs during travel! And it's in a convenient rollerball to apply on the go! It's great to give to Mommas with crying kids on the plane too! Make sure both the Mom and the child use it!

OnGuard softgels or throat drops - I take these to support my immune system and to keep me protected and well.

Digestzen softgels or Ginger throat drops - These help with queasiness during flights, cruises and other motion spells. They also provide relief from occasional abdominal upset from food or water issues.

Travel Diffuser with my Fav Oils - To clean the air in my hotel room, to help me rest at night, to refresh my mind and perk me up and to encourage a healthy immune system and attitude! I keep it running all the time! Breathe, AirX, Adaptiv, Wild Orange, Serenity, Elevation and OnGuard are just a few to choose from!

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