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Spring Detox

Every year when the trees begin to bloom and that spring green sprouts up everywhere, I get excited for Spring Cleaning. And not just my body craves it! It wants light, clean refreshing drinks to flush all the sludge from winter. Think about it; do you eat many salads or drink many smoothies in the winter? Probably not. Because if we are eating with the seasons, then you are likely eating root vegetables, meats, soups and stews because that is what's available to us in winter and honestly, cold foods don't warm us up. Warm foods do! As we step into Spring, take time to gently clear out the old and bring in the new. Start with a Gentle Spring Detox and start brightening up your home and your meals.

Spring's "Good" Food List

  • Vegetables: artichoke, eggplant, dark leafy vegetables, Chinese yam, chives, radishes, spring bamboo shoots, celery, purslane, micro-greens, garlic, green onions, sprouts, cilantro

  • Fruits: currants, tangerine, citrus fruits, grapefruit, kiwi, rhubarb

  • Protein: free-range egg, chicken, shrimp, white fish, rabbit

  • Carbohydrates: wheat bran, rye spelt, brown rice, sprouted rice

  • Herbal: goji 枸杞, jujube dates 红枣, Qian Shi 芡实, Chinese mugwort 艾草, mulberry leaf 桑叶, goji leaf 枸杞叶, aged orange peel 陈皮, lily bulb 百合, chrysanthemum 菊花, ginger 生姜

  • Other: vinegar, white wine, green tea

  • To Limit: over indulgence of alcohol, spicy foods


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