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Merry Christmas to All & To All a Good Life!

It seems the years are moving faster and faster and I am moving slower and slower. Maybe that's the way it should be. I don't believe we were designed to move at robotic speed or to have the massive amounts of information processing through our brains as we do today. As I have moved through this year, I have slowly resigned to live peacefully within myself. Not to 'keep up' with anything the world is doing or 'try' to make it all happen. Each day, I enjoy the gifts around me; I stop to water my garden and listen to the birds; I make healthy meals rather than opting for lightning speed drive-thru or to-go orders; I read instead of watch TV; I pray whenever it crosses my heart; I spend time with those I love without feeling guilty about it and I make tea every morning to warm my body and remind myself it's ok to care for myself. It seems so simple but the change in me has been anything but simple.

I feel Joy... massive amounts of joy! I feel peace in my heart and somehow get 'more' done, or at least it seems that way. My hope, in this 'busy' season, is that you will pause to listen to the sounds of your children, the leaves falling from the trees, the crackling of a fire and cozy up to a warm book in your fuzzy pajamas for no reason at all. Except for maybe the Peace it brings you! What if Peace was the thing we chased this Christmas?

I hope the gift your receive this Christmas is the Pause, the permission to stand still and breathe and the Peace that comes from moving slower in this fast pace world!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Here's to a Wonderful Life!!

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