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Happy New Year

Bringing in 2024 was different for us this year. We went to the beach and rested away from the cold weather for a few days for much needed restoration and reflection. It has been years since I heard the ocean or felt its mist on my face. I slept like a baby! New ideas came flooding into my mind and the stresses from the past years were washed away. I didn't realize how much I need to be near the ocean!! It was like plugging me into a charger. My soul is full!


What do you do or have done in years past to welcome a coming year? What recharges you and sets your mind and body back on its natural course? Prayer is a must for me daily and time in the word. Without that, I am literally lost at sea. If I am honest, I feel like I have been a bit lost these past few years. Just not quite myself! Our lives were jarred in 2020 and it was like a bad movie unfolding before our eyes. It has taken me a while to really process all of the changes and to choose to step back into the ring of life as myself! To continue to gather with friends, socialize, turn off the news and be present for this life I get to live. I have learned what is important and what isn't. These years of processing through all of the muck has revealed beauty underneath. Life is precious, our days are wonderful, those in our life that we choose to love bring us joy! This new year is an opportunity to step into new patterns of living that honor who we want to be & the life we want to live! I'm ready!


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