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Happy Easter!

I am overcome with emotions and not because I've indulged on too many chocolate eggs or peeps, but because it is amazing to me that God chose to redeem us and to bring us back to Him! Separation from God and His peace is true unimaginable suffering! And rather than have us suffer eternity apart from Him, He rescued us by sending the perfect sacrifice - His Son! He was broken, beaten and bruised for our transgressions and chose to lay down His crown, His authority, His power and His glory to lay on a cross and die between thieves. He conquered death, overcame the grave and ascended to His throne. Through Him we stand pure before a righteous God! I can never repay Him and I could never have earned it! It is a Gift! One I cherish, one I cry over, one I will never understand but gratefully accept! May you draw near to Christ this Easter and receive His perfect love and peace!

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