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Oil Highlight of the Week: Geranium

Geranium oil is the essential oil with the sweet and flowery name, but I can assure you it’s not lightweight! Geranium essential oil has many uses for both health and beauty issues, making it an essential oil you will want to have on hand.

Take a look below at 10 uses for geranium oil that you can try! You will find that it is quite a practical and purposeful oil to have on hand.

1. Enjoy Cleaner Air.

Let geranium oil clean the air for you and offer a light scent. You can diffuse it into the room or create a room spray when you mix 3 cups of water and 2 drops of geranium oil. Shake well, then spray as needed.

2. Maintain Healthy Circulation.

Add a drop of geranium oil to your massage cream or body lotion. Massage over the skin focusing on areas where circulation needs extra support.

3. Nourish Dry Hair.

Place a drop or two of geranium oil in the palm of your hands and rub together. Smooth over your hair focusing on dry areas or dry tips.

4. Support Liver Health.

Does your liver need some extra love and support? You can support the health of your liver with geranium essential oil. Massage a few drops of geranium oil over your liver regularly.

5. Say Goodbye to Bug Bites.

Add a few drops of geranium oil to the skin to help repel outdoor pests. You can also diffuse the oil in rooms where bugs are a problem such as a patio or sun porch.

6. Sleep Soundly.

Apply some geranium oil to the neck in order to feel relaxed, at peace and prepared for a good night’s sleep.

7. Soothe Dry Skin.

Add a drop or two of geranium oil to your daily moisturizer to help soothe dry skin and soften up rough patches.

8. Reduce Stress.

Environmental stress can be soothed when you diffuse geranium oil throughout the space. This can be especially helpful to try in offices or high intensity rooms of your home.

9. Soften Wrinkles.

You can soften the appearance of wrinkles when you add a drop of geranium oil your daily moisturizer or eye serum. The oil will soften and smooth the skin, which can help with the appearance of wrinkles.

10. Banish Pests.

If you are experiencing pests in your home such as ants, you can place a drop of geranium oil on a cotton ball and place it near the pest’s path. The pests will find another place to go.

As you can see, geranium oil is a fantastic way to solve some common household, health and beauty issues. Grab a bottle of your own and give these easy tips a try.

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