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Harvest Update!

Here are the stats of the Fruit Harvest from Project Angel Faces! We had such a great time serving together! Be sure to come to the next event!

July 26th: total Harvest: 732.5 lbs of fruit

498 lbs. Apples

114 lbs yellow plums

40.5 lbs of pears

38 lbs. grapes

31 lbs peaches

11 lbs figs

We shared this harvest (plus additional collected fruits and vegetables from another community partners) with the following local agencies which serve elders and youth at risk:

~Whitney Recreation and Senior Center; (25 elders, 55 youth served)

~Cambridge Community Center; (55-75 youth served)

~Street Teens; (50 youth served)

~Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth; (100 youth served)

~Shannon West Homeless Youth Shelter for HELP of Southern NV; (65 youth served)

~Plaza Downtown Senior Apartments; (25 elders served)

~East Valley Family Services; (100 elders and families with children served)

~US Senior Foods Commodities Distribution Center at EVFS; 35-100 served +/- [They serve up to 5000 seniors each week. How many of them our efforts reach varies according to how much we are able to share from week to week.]

~PR and Social Media Director Volunteers of PAF. [These are elders that fit our beneficiaries' demographics. They give of their time every week, and we share harvests with them.]; (2 disabled elders, 1 developmentally disabled youth, served)

Total served: +/- 555 vulnerable elders and youth served

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