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This incredible blend was uniquely designed to bring positive energy to the mind and spirit, to eliminate negative thinking and to bring courage, confidence and connection!

With Citrus top notes, warming base notes and a touch of rose, you will feel wrapped in Divine love! Each oil supports and nurtures!! Here's why each was selected!

Refreshes your mind, grants you freedom & confidence. Assists in the manifestation of infinite possibilities

Connects you with Divine love to heal your heart and restore authenticity & compassion

Brings light to your gifts & talents that are meant to be shared with the world and protects you from negative influences

Assists in letting go of self sabotage & destructive patterns to bring new life

Brings ideas & grounds them to make dreams a reality; Calms fear & nervous tension to magnify confidence

Brings excitement & gratitude for life. Instills joy, hope and courage

Helps you appreciate who you are & what you are capable of

Empowers the warrior within!

Empowered YOU!

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