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"Durell is an incredible massage therapist.  I had painful physical therapy on my shoulder for six weeks, and Durell was able to loosen my shoulder more in one massage session than in six weeks of therapy. She has a gift that goes beyond massage, and her joyful spirit and care for her clients along with her gift of intuition makes for a healing presence where the mind, body, and emotional connection come together for powerful healing.

- Karen S


"I have had the privilege of working with Durell both as teaching assistants for the Upledger Institue (Cranial Sacral) and as a receiver of her excellent work. Durell is a very talented practitioner of both massage and Cranial Sacral therapies. I recommend her to my clients since I have retired."

-Terry Kunz RN, LMT, CST, HTCP


"Durrell was amazing. She was more than a massage therapist; she got to the root of my lower back and neck pain by treating the different sources of tightness causing my discomfort." 

-Sandra C


"I have known Durell for almost 15 years.  She is one of the most dedicated, kind, and generous people I know.  It has always been a joy to work with her. Knowing her expertise in Cranial Sacral Therapy, I had no hesitation in taking my 3 month old daughter to see her for reflux.  She was a ray of light during that challenging time in my life."  

-Ashlee S.


"Durell's Cranial Sacral Therapy was very healing for me.  It was the first time I had ever been touched in that fashion.  I finally had emotional and spiritual healing and I am very grateful." 

- Donna K


"I believe that there is nothing like a massage when you are stressed, uptight, have muscle soreness or as a wonderful release of emotional distress.  There are ordinary therapists and there are good therapists but it is rare that you find an exceptionally great therapist.  One that changes your life and brings more than relaxed muscles and less stress but also is uplifting and, frankly, changes your life.  Durell is one of those very rare people that brings a unique sensitivity and intuitiveness to a massage.  She is truly amazing!!!" 

- Diane M


"Durell has been very helpful regarding my physical and even mental health! For several years now, I have received Lymphatic Drainage, as  my blood circulation has been in bad shape for practically all my life! Durell applied the technique I was familiar with from my country - the creator is a French doctor. I was lucky to meet her many years  ago." 

- Danielle B.


"I have been lucky enough to use Durell’s services on several occasions. I have never been dissatisfied. I have always left feeling much better and relieved of the pain that I had. She is very professional, gentle, and thorough. Durell has helped me with both back and hip pain."

-Gary R.


"I have known Durell Darr both professionally and personally for over ten years.  We met in 2005 at The Wynn Resort in Las Vegas where we worked as licensed massaged therapists. Over the next several years I had the privilege to experience her commitment and passion for her craft. There were many times after a long, busy day that Durell would selflessly stay after her shift to provide massage and Cranial Sacral on her co-workers never expecting anything in return. Not only is Durell an exceptional massage therapist but also a savvy business woman whose dedication and drive has excelled her to the top of her company. Durell volunteers countless hours in the community such as feeding the homeless and organizing charitable events.  Durell is a loving, kind and devoted wife, mother and sister. I'm honored and proud to have her in my life and consider Durell one of my dearest and cherished friends.  I'm excited to see where this next venture will take her."

-Pauline O.


"Having been in constant pain with knots in my shoulder and calf muscles, I finally reached out to Durell for a Therapeutic massage. She showed a genuine concern asking pointed questions to learn more about my pain and its location. She continued to explore the pain and by the end of the massage I was totally relaxed and virtually pain free. I would definitely recommend Durell to anyone looking to relieve pain and have a very relaxing experience."

-Mike J.

"Durell was the God-sent angel who definitively made a difference in my husband's recovery. He had been hospitalized for nearly 3 months and was paralyzed as a result of a brain aneurysm and strokes when she first came. The first massage, while he was still in the hospital, made an immediate positive effect on him and he was out of 5 prescription meds in 1 week."
-Maria R.
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