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Home Sweet Abōde

a·bode1 /əˈbōd/noun

FORMAL•LITERARY a place of residence; a house or home. "my humble abode"

I have been enjoying the Fall as the shadows change and the temperatures finally drop under 100. If you live in the desert, you know how incredible 10 degrees can feel! I recently had the opportunity to use the new Abōde cleaning line from doTERRA and honestly didn't think it would impress me much. I am a skeptic of all natural cleaners, frankly because they don't clean as well as their toxic competitors. Nonetheless, I refuse to bring chemicals into my home. So, after years of making my own and begging the owners of doTERRA to create a pure line, they finally heard our cries! And, they actually work! My Abōde has been transformed by amber bottles and a crisp, clean aroma that is filling my home and not harming my lungs! The durable, reusable glass bottles make it simple for us to reduce the use of plastic - another thing we are conscious of. Humble or Haughty, this line will enhance the health of any Hōme.

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